Dalston Songs

is a song theatre performance created and composed by Helen and directed and choreographed by Steven Hoggett based on interviews with Helen’s neighbours in East London 

It was developed at BAC and later commissioned by the Royal Opera House in 2008 and remounted in 2010.
We now have a trio version SONGS FOR THE WAY HOME for small scale touring. 

“Pierces the heart” Evening Standard.

video trailers by Patrick Chadwick

Creative Team includes choreographer and co-director Steven hoggett, composer and co-director Helen Chadwick, designer Miriam Buether, sound Duncan Chave.

The cast for the original eight person Royal Opera House version was drawn from the following performers in 2008 and 2010, Hazel Holder, Barbara Gellhorn, Helen Chadwick, Soraya Mahdaoui, Aykut Hilmi, Kevin Kyle, Dave Camlin, James Lailey, Mike Henry and Navros Oremari.

The cast for the trio concert version SONGS FOR THE WAY HOME is drawn from the following performers: Joanna Foster, Hazel Holder, Rebecca Thorn, Liz Terry, Zara Ramm and Barbara Gellhorn.