Songs of Returning PROGRAMME

Thank you so much for coming to the performance. Below are the names of the songs, writers and performers.

By Walking text by Diogenes
Elation text by Derek Walcott
Light on the Water text by Helen Chadwick
By Water text by Helen Chadwick
Hat text by Helen Chadwick
The Mountains ask the Clouds text by Helen Chadwick
Eternity text by William Blake added to by Chadwick
Wake up the Truth text by Lala Isla
For whom the Bell Tolls text by John Donne and Lao Tsu
We Know no Rule text by HD (Hilda Doolittle)
When I Think of Home text by Lala Isla, Gil Martinez, Hikmet
Here text by Lala Isla, Gil Martinez, Hikmet
Open up the World text by Helen Chadwick
Coffee text by Helen Chadwick
Bingo text by Helen Chadwick
The Words we Speak text by Hafiz tr. Ladinsky
May the Road text adapted from an Irish blessing
Living Belongs text by Ben Okri
Tell A Wise Person text by Goethe tr. Robert Bly

Performed by
Clara Atkins, Helen Chadwick, Helen Porter, Emily Robyn and Zara Ramm.

Composed by
Helen Chadwick

And we are doing more shows in June. Do tell your friends. The venues are listed here…
Thank you so much!

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