Below are the trailers for four song-theatre shows, an online song for the Wye Valley created under Covid conditions, and a film of an installation using the music and some lyrics from Fragments of Love.

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War Correspondents

See photos and find out more about War Correspondents.


See photos and find out more about Truth.

Dalston Songs

See photos and find out more about  Dalston Songs.

Home (Dalston Songs – Homerton Sings)

See photos and find out more about HOME (Dalston Songs – Homerton Sings)

Wye Valley River Festival

A lock-down song commissioned by the Wye Valley River Festival with the collaboration of residents.
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Fragments of Love

her light stretches is an installation and film by Helen Varley Jamieson.
The music and singing is by Helen from the album Fragments Of Love

War Correspondents concert at the Abbey Theatre Dublin


See photos and find out about Helen’s solo performance Fragments Of Love.

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