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Fragments of Love

Love letters, love songs and sung fragments of Sappho’s love poems in translation by Anne Carsen. This is a solo about daring to risk, the necessity to experiment and the beauty of imperfection. The last twelve minutes create a theatrical spell involving song and light.

It has toured in the UK,  Denmark, France, Germany and Argentina 2013-19 and is available in English, Italian, German and Spanish

“… by turns intimate, funny, painful, touching and up-lifting. Helen is a riveting performer; surprising and profound in her revelations, and musically sublime.”
“…redefines the genre of vocal music, producing a show which is by turns elegant, candid, funny, raw and tender.”
Audience Feedback

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Cyber-performer Helen Varley Jamieson also an installation called Her Light Stretches based on the Fragments of Love album Watch the video of the installation


Photographs: Simon Richardson