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Dalston Songs

DALSTON SONGS was originally developed at BAC with Liam Steel and later with Steven Hoggett. It was commissioned by the Royal Opera House in 2008 and remounted in 2010.

It all began when Tom Morris at Battersea Arts Centre said “Come and develop something. We need an idea and some copy in the morning” and I thought “I’ll interview my neighbours in Dalston, East London about home”. Thus begun a long project which has had several iterations: a development project a BAC choreographed by Liam Steel; a twenty five minute version at the Royal Opera House choreographed by Steven Hoggett; the commissioned full length piece; a surround sound version involving a community choir Dalston Songs – Homerton Sings which was commissioned by Chat’s Palace; a French version of that called Home which it was translated and produced by Brigitte Cirla (Voix Polyphoniques) and involved the collaboration of local refugee groups. There is also an EP called Dalston with more to follow.

“Immaculate a capella
“One of the most moving and humbling events of the past fortnight was the opening night of Dalston Songs by Helen Chadwick”
Financial Times

First iteration at the Royal Opera House as a 25 minute short: Hazel Holder, Melanie Pappenheim and Helen.
Full length show at ROH: Rakie Ayola, Dave Camlin. Barbara Gellhorn, Mike Henry, Aykut Hilmi, Hazel Holder,  Kevin Kyle, James Lailey, Soraya Mahdaoui, Nawros Oramari and Helen.
Concert and development teams also included Matt Coombes, Sianed Jones, Zara Ramm, Liam Steel and Sophie Sterckx.

Production team
Helen Chadwick, Steven Hoggett, Miriam Buether, Chahine Yavroyan, Elena Peña and the wonderful team at the Linbury led by Martin Adams.

The song Here is on the EP Dalston shortly to be released. For info join the newsletter.

Watch the video trailer for Dalston Songs

Photographs: Johan Persson