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The Singing Bones

The Kalevala is a collection of songs passed down in the oral tradition and only written down in the nineteenth century. This show explored the ancient art of sung stories and told of supernatural characters and their escapades from the beginning of time when the world was sung into being. There are charms to make the rapids boil, to make blood flow and to knit bones together.

One storyteller and two actor singers. The story was adapted by Sally Pomme Clayton and created with Claire Hughes. We toured in the UK and Finland in 1994/5

“It’s hard to imagine anyone who would not be spellbound”
Times Literary Supplement

“beautiful… dramatic… exhilarating… unique”
The Guardian

Cast and Creators
Helen Chadwick, Sally Pomme Clayton, Claire Hughes and Lesley Crewdson.

Sally Pomme Clayton was a creative collaborator on many projects including  The Singing Circle.
Claire Hughes and I created Songs for the Four Parts of the Night