New Album

Songs Of Returning Smaller

Helen’s latest album has lyrics by Ben Okri, Derek Walcott, Hilda Doolittle, John Donne, Lala Isla, Blake, Lao Tsu, Goethe and Chadwick.

Composed by Helen Chadwick
Sung by Helen Chadwick, Emily Robyn, Clara Atkins, Ed Bersey, Su Hart and Barbara Gellhorn.


1. Home Chadwick

2. Living Belongs to Story Ben Okri 

3. The Door Chadwick

4. Open up the world Chadwick

5. Wake up the Truth Lala Isla

6. We Know No Rule Hilda Doolittle (H.D.)

7. Tell A Wise Person Goethe tr. Robert Bly

8. Elation Derek Walcott

9. By Water Chadwick

10. Eternity Blake arr. Chadwick

11. Even Amidst Fierce Flames Wu Cheng’en/Chadwick

12. The Mountains Ask The Clouds Chadwick

13. For whom the Bell Tolls John Donne/Lao Tsu/Chadwick

14. By Walking Saint Augustine

15. I Once Fell In Love With A Hat Chadwick

16. Let Go Of Time Chadwick

17. May The Road Rise Irish Blessing arr. Chadwick

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ed Bersey at Sylvafield
Photograph by Simon Richardson
Design by Jeremy Williams

With thanks to the Writers, Translators and Commissioners:

Living Belongs to Story by Ben Okri used by kind permission from Ben Okri and The Mystery Feast, Clairview Books, Sussex 2015.

We Know No Rule by Hilda Doolittle is from “The Walls Do Not Fall” in COLLECTED POEMS, 1912-1944, copyright ©1982 by The Estate of Hilda Doolittle, by kind permission of Carcanet and New Directions Publishing Corp.  

Tell A Wise Person by Goethe translated by Robert Bly is from News of the Universe, copyright © 1992 by Robert Bly, by kind permission of Audio Literature/Celestial Arts, Berkeley CA.

Elation by Derek Walcott is from “Love after Love” is from COLLECTED POEMS 1948-1984 by Derek Walcott. Copyright © 1986 by Derek Walcott. Used by kind arrangement with Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC.  All rights reserved.

A hard copy will be produced soon.
Stream or download the album here