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Alongside my creative life, I also work as a coach, mentor and trainer.

On an ad hoc basis, depending on my performance and music schedule, I work on leadership programmes for Dramatic Resources and others.

I also offer group coaching for creatives and artists. If you and colleagues or collaborators would like to consider group coaching, do get in touch … we would be looking at groups of between 3  and 5 people.


Client Testimonials

“Working with Helen has been transformative. This has brought a whole range of unexpected benefits, not just the issue I came with”

“Helen was great!  She helped me with confidence and focus most of all. She provided brilliant tools for dealing with my damaging self-criticism and was very sensitive to supporting the delicate career transition I was making…a genuine coach who put my interests first”

“Helen is a simply inspiring mentor with a deep sense of empathy and ability to see the bigger picture. She supported me in a sensitive, encouraging and gently challenging manner through a difficult situation. I am so grateful to Helen and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Helen created a warm, wise space for me to explore how to better focus my theatre practice and quickly many things shifted. Within her coaching sessions, her presence and reflections enabled me to navigate areas in which I had become stuck and be more confident about my instincts. I am immensely grateful to Helen and recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who is curious about developing and realising work within the arts.”


My training includes:

: Accredited coach with Relational Dynamics 1st
: Advanced Coaching Training with RD1st
: Advanced Diploma in Voice Studies at Central
: Courses on Non Violent Communication
: Courses on NVC Dance Floors
: Courses in Focussing
: Drama and Dance at Dartington College
: Workshops with original members of Meredith Monk’s House
: Workshops with original members of Grotowski’s Lab
: Group Coaching Course with Support Squad



I speak pretty good French and rough Spanish and German.


To find out more, you can get in touch

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